Single Family Rental

Whether you own one or two rental properties, or manage a securitized portfolio of thousands across the nation, Community Lens is a necessity for any Single Family Rental (SFR) investor. Our knowledge and experience can help you to understand what you’re buying into with any investment property.

Due Diligence Assistance

Keeping track of your properties is a job in and of itself. It can be even harder keeping track of the neighborhood requirements of each property. With Community Lens' Due Diligence Assistance, you can easily be in the know for all of your properties' neighborhoods. With our Due Diligence Assistance, you can:

  • Determine quickly if a property is in an HOA.

  • Know the actual dues amounts.

  • Determine special assessments.

  • Understand risk for special assessments in the future. 

  • Know rental restrictions and requirements.

    • Learn if there are lease caps or ownership requirements that prohibit rental immediately.

    • Discover rental fees, or renter approval stipulations, that could hinder the ability to rent or add administrative hassles hindering your investment.

Our Due Diligence Assistance helps you to understand the full situation before investing in a property (or properties). We can provide data on single purchases of properties or bulk buys with thousands of homes in a transaction. You have the option to order a standard Investor Report or request a customized due diligence report. Rex and the team at Community Lens are “top dog” when it comes to experience. We can handle the volume and reporting for any deal you’re considering.

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Market Analysis

SFR property owners can also benefit from our market analysis. Community Lens’ Market Analysis helps property owners:

  • Understand HOA market trends, such as dues levels and increases, violations and fees practices.

  • Learn the risks involved with a property (or properties).

Our Market Analysis provides the information to help refine your investment strategy. At a minimum, the details we uncover may highlight a property with greater risk so you can plan for more careful oversight. HOA dues and special assessments can make a seemingly healthy investment property unprofitable. Hidden fees such as fines and rental renewals can reduce profitability unexpectedly. We help you avoid these surprises.

Because markets and portfolio sizes vary, we offer customized solutions, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Let's start a conversation to determine how best we can help.

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Portfolio Analysis

Community Lens can review your existing portfolio and identify association risks and costs. Our Portfolio Analysis can highlight cost vulnerabilities and operational practices that can reduce association costs. We’ve helped our clients save $10,000 to several million dollars with their investments.

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Community Lens Is Here for Single Family Rental (SFR) Investors

If you need help but are not sure where we fit in, don't hesitate to reach out. We’re “paw-sitive” we can help. We customize our services to meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss the best solution for you. Need help deciding what best meets your needs? Contact us for more information.