As a homeowner, it's important to be familiar with the neighborhood you live in. Community Lens helps you understand your neighborhood. Whether it’s the neighborhood you currently live in—or one you're moving into—we can help. Community Lens brings transparency to association living.

Property Information Report

One of the ways Community Lens helps homeowners is by creating property information reports. These reports are customizable and can include community rules, costs, and overall financial position. They can be for your own property, or a handful of properties you are considering for purchase.

Order a Report

With our Property Information Report, you choose what you want to know:

  • General neighborhood information. This includes the association type and status, properties’ style, amenities (what you’re paying for such as trash service, landscaping, swimming pool, etc.), and identifies if there are multiple HOAs.

  • HOA contact information. This is who to contact regarding any questions specific to the homeowners association or managed community.

  • Annual homeowner charges. This includes regular dues assessments and amounts for special assessments.

  • Transactional fees charged when buying a home. Includes transfer fees, administrative fees, and any other association fees related to the purchase or sale of a home.

  • Financial summary. These summaries can include the current fiscal year and up to three historical fiscal years, summarizing revenues and expenses, reserves funding, and association cash position.

  • Financial risks. These could be pending lawsuits, governmental notices and construction defect actions.

  • Policy data. This could include rental restrictions such as lease caps, tenant approvals, etc., occupancy restrictions such as maximum number of occupants and HOA eviction rights, and purchase restrictions such as buyer approvals, rights of first refusal and more. There could also be standard living restrictions such as pets, parking, commercial vehicles, recreational equipment (basketball hoops, etc.), trash container storage, signs and flags, home businesses rules and assessments rules such as increase limits, late fees and interest charges architectural modifications requirements like approval periods, fencing and storage shed rules, and governance amendments standards describing how these rules can be modified.

Need Information About Your Current Home?

Not everyone has the time to do all the research they need to before moving into their new home. If you moved quickly and without a lot of information on your current neighborhood, Community Lens can help.

Rex says decoding an HOA and its rules and regulations can be “ruff.” Upon moving in, you may have received a binder or folder with all sorts of documents. Sometimes the documents and data are too cumbersome to understand. Community Lens can help you understand the intricacies of your HOA. We also provide a concise summary of your association’s data. Have questions? Rex and the team at Community Lens are here to help. We’re basically “Sherlock Bones.”

Need Information About Your New Home?

Moving into a community that fits your needs is just as important as moving into a good home. 

If you’ve found a house you like, the next step is to learn the ins and outs of the neighborhood. You may love the look of a neighborhood, but may wonder, “what can and can’t I do if I live here?” Community Lens can “sniff out” the details. We help you compare neighborhoods to make the best choice for what is right for you. With Community Lens, you’ll know where you’re going before you get there.

Community Lens is Here For Homeowners

If you need help but are not sure where we fit in, don't hesitate to reach out. We have many different services, including customized reporting. Our Chief Over Everything, Rex, can make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree. Contact us for today for more information.