HOA Managers & Board of Directors

As an HOA manager or HOA board member, you work hard to manage the community. Managing an HOA can be quite demanding! Community Lens is here to bring notice to your hard work. We like to recognize your excellent management practices and help you and your association become best-in-show. Our Chief Over Everything, Rex is the "paw-tner" you need.

We’ll Help You Stand Out Among Your Peers

An HOA manager or HOA board member has a variety of duties. With everything you manage, you may find it difficult to identify achievements or areas of improvement. Community Lens can make that path forward clear and manageable. We want to help you learn where your association stands in relation to others, and how to rank above them.

Community Lens offers a unique scoring system that rates your HOA and provides recommendations based on those scores. The HOA score and review examines governance quality, financial health and homeowner experience within the community. These scores help identify strengths and opportunities. Let's make your HOA "top dog"!

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us. We can show you how your HOA scores, and how and where your HOA is excelling under your management. We can also show what you can do to grow.

Paw-ticipate in Our Program

Community Lens has a program specifically for HOA managers and members of an HOA board of directors. If your HOA joins the program, your HOA will be recognized on each score as a participant. These participation metrics translate to an overall score that helps you—and others looking for your HOA—understand the strength of your community.

Community Lens recognizes each enlisted HOA for their participation in every report and score. Based on the level of HOA participation, there are periodic reports of scoring history. We also notify you immediately if a score is below a given threshold. Community Lens also provides market comparison reports on fees, charges, and other data based on the level of HOA participation.

If you're interested in joining our program, contact us for the details.

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