The Community Lens team wants you to find your best HOA.

We have a lot of data to share.

With decades of combined experience and the largest amount of curated community data in the country, Rex and the team at Community Lens bring transparency to association living. Through our HOA management experience, we were able to learn about community management and the best practices that lead to intelligent risk mitigation, strong governance, and overall association financial health. This experience guided us to create a company to help anyone find the HOA information they need. Our crafted reports include a proprietary scoring system to help you learn more about the association you—or your client—are about to join. Use our knowledge to make confident real estate decisions. Community Lens can help you find the right HOA or managed community.

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 Rex  Chief Over Everything

I grew up in an HOA where my friends and I would get together and play in the open space (once our people would get home from wherever they go during my nap time). We all got along great and would always welcome new friends. One sad day, we received a letter stating that we could no longer run and frolic in the open space without a leash. Dog-gone it! Just like that, our fun ended. Fortunately, I was able to move my people to a little country neighborhood. I don’t have as many friends, but Lucy and Bella have become my besties. We run around and have a great time with one another!

I have convinced my people to start a business so everyone knows what they are getting before they move into a neighborhood—whether it’s an HOA, metro district, PID, or CID. Some neighborhoods are a perfect fit, but others might not meet all of someone’s requirements!

While I am an 8-year-old golden doodle (in human years), I am extremely smart and dedicated to the cause. Community Lens is my “home away from home”. Don’t bark up the wrong tree. Let me sniff out the HOA that meets your needs!

When you buy a house, you’re also buying into an association.

What are the fees? Is the HOA financially sound? Community Lens can help.

Community Lens can help you understand the financial stability of the association and grade the association based on your expectations and requirements (so you only buy into the right HOA for YOU).

Find Your Perfect HOA

Buying a rental property?

Know rental restrictions before you buy.

Our reports can help you understand how an HOA will affect your rental property investment. Understanding fees and rules is one thing, but knowing the rental restrictions could sway you one way or the other.

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